Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2018
Award categories
Vet of the Year Award This award is in recognition of a Veterinary Surgeon working in practice that follows the footsteps of Head Judge, Chris Laurence, by educating pet owners and consistently demonstrating their commitment to the continued improvement of animal welfare. In association with
Vet Nurse of the Year Award This award is to give recognition to a Veterinary Nurse working in practice who has shown real commitment to improving and championing excellent animal welfare within their practice. In association with
Charity Team of the Year Award This award is for an awe inspiring team whose drive, passion and dedication has changed the lives of animals for the better, improving the standard of animal welfare where they can and working tirelessly to promote and champion their cause. In association with
Charitable Contribution of the Year Award This award is for an individual who works within the charity sector, either in a paid or voluntary role, who is consistently driven to the best of their ability, with the single minded goal of helping save and improve the lives of animals in need. In association with
Farm Animal Welfare of the Year Award This award is for an individual or a team who dedicates their working career to the health and welfare of production animals. In association with
International Cat Care Welfare of the Year Award
This esteemed award recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the development of feline welfare. The recipient of the award is chosen by International Cat Care and therefore the category is not open to nominations.