Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2018
Our Sponsors for the Awards
"Every day we see the incredibly positive impact that talented, kind vet nurses make - to the animals they care for and also the owners and vets they support. Our work in the rehoming sector also frequently highlights their vital role, often in extremely challenging circumstances. Agria is delighted to play a part in recognising such exceptional individuals by supporting the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards 2018 and presenting the Vet Nurse of the Year Award."

Lorraine Tannatt Nash - Head of Rehoming & Charity Channel
“Your Dog Magazine is delighted to be co-sponsoring the Vet of the Year Award at the Ceva Animal Welfare Awards, along with our sister publication Your Cat. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and reward the achievements and hard work of those involved in animal welfare.” Sarah Wright - Editor, Your Dog Magazine
“Paid and volunteer teams are vital for the success of charities up and down the UK. Blue Cross simply wouldn't be able to help as many pets as we do without their dedication and commitment. We are delighted to support the Ceva Awards and host the Charitable Contribution of the Year Award” Steve Goody - Director of External Affairs
"PDSA is delighted to be sponsoring the Charity Contribution of the Year Award in the Ceva Awards for Animal Welfare. We know that there are many individuals who are devoted to saving and improving the lives of animals in their care, and these awards are a fantastic opportunity to recognise that commitment and passion." Nicola Martin - Head of Pet Health and Welfare
"Welfare is key in livestock production and part of NADIS` core Knowledge Transfer to the livestock industry. Practitioners are central to improving welfare on farms and there are many examples of cases were practitioners have significantly improved animal welfare and these need to be highlighted to encourage improvement in standards. NADIS is pleased to work with Ceva in this important area." Mike Howe - Director of External Affairs
"As a charity which makes a positive difference to the lives of farming people in difficult times, R.A.B.I. is well-placed to appreciate the care and compassion that people who work in farming have for their animals. We are therefore delighted to be associated once again with the Ceva Awards for Animal Welfare." Stephen Noble Head of Fundraising and Development
"International Cat Care will partner with CEVA Animal Health again at their Ceva Welfare Awards to announce the winner of the International Cat Care Award for Work with unowned cats at the event in Birmingham next April. This award will be made to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to cat welfare by addressing problems of unowned cat populations."